Barbarian ★★★★

holy shit. easily one of the most bizarre, comedic and delightfully absurd little horror films to be shown in theaters in some time—which makes this a huge breath of fresh air—but going in completely blind is the way to go. while this may tackle too many elements at once, with one crazy abrupt tonal shift midway which caught me off guard, it effectively uses the element of surprise to its benefit; someone in the theater legitimately screamed her head off on more than one occasion. while I want to tackle this much further, saying anything more would be spoiler territory! an absolute must see on the big screen with a packed theater to get the full ridiculous experience!

at the end of the day; barbarian shines light on its meaning, in more than one way.

also, I can proudly say the first thing I did when I got home was do the Bill Skarsgård duvet cover maneuver—it worked.

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