Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum ★★★★½

yes yes yes! 🎥

Not to hype this up or anything but…. I’m gonna!

Anyone who truly knows me, knows I absolutely love finding a solid and bloody fucking effective found footage horror movie and recently seeing this title pop up in TOP 10 lists my curiosity got the best of me. 

Although, this doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the found footage genre it packs a major punch during the final 30 minutes, ya girl might have gotten way more spooked than she ever thought she could. 
Bravo little film, bravo! I take my “watch more horror movies” cap from StudioHouseDesigns off to you. 

Now. Give. Me. More. Found. Footage. Goodies! And pls watch this in a super dark room with the tv really loud.

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