Nope ★★★★

Yep. Nope. Maybe?

Did this outshine, outsmart, outwit most alien movies in cinema history? No. Is it wholeheartedly a unique spin on the genre? of course, it’s a Jordan Peele—-this is his sci-fi horror western, throwing it far back to the 70s classics, it’s cowboys vs. aliens, Peele style, and what a style that is. But the man tackles twice too many ideas, showing off his brilliance in tone but it never fully ‘wows’ me with his narrative. My takeaway? I will never cloud-watch the same ever again, the sound design will wake the dead and Keke Palmer is a wonder. Jordan Peele is still three for three in my eyes. 

I really want to give this a rewatch and will further reflect in that review. This is indeed the ultimate freaking head-scratcher.

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