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  • Strangers in Good Company

    Strangers in Good Company



    also, another movie that is a great blueprint for no budget/micro-indie filmmaking

  • Matilda



    funny the stuff you watch as a kid is often aimless or at least not as tightly structured as you're lead to believe. looking back on stuff i hadn't watched it years, i had assumed most of the kids stuff was really tightly structured in a very stern way -- act 1, obstacle, turning point, etc etc. all that shit you learn in class.

    and then you rewatch stuff like matilda or even harriet the spy and it's often "plotless,"…

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  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project

    i'm on another planet, huh? absolutely despicable movie. hugely offensive, surface-level depiction of lower class people. anti-poor stereotypes abound and the few moments of genuine humanity are never dwelled on to have any effect at all.

    watching the last sequence made me the most embarrassed i've been in 10 years.

  • The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey