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  • Sweet Revenge

    Sweet Revenge


    The film I watched is not included in this database. The sweet revenge I screened stars Sam Neil Release by Miramax and was a British production.

  • The Boys in the Band

    The Boys in the Band


    A time capsule for gay culture. Accurate for its day but so dated today.  Still fun and a reminder... ‘nuff said?

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  • Cold Water

    Cold Water


    Two 16-year-Olds who have problems with their families and themselves run away. Although the story is set in 1970 some of the rock soundtrack wasn't produced until 1973. When the film is not very entertaining listening to the music is a safe alternative to taking a little nap. The film is touted as "not available to U.S. audiences until now". After seeing it I know why.

  • The Eleven O'Clock

    The Eleven O'Clock


    Mind-bending clever

    Nominated for Best Short Film, Live Action

    DeKalb Elementary also nominated but it's not in the database so I can't add it.