• Destination Murder

    Destination Murder


    A “ B” movie that’s great fun with more twists and turns than you would think possible in 73 minutes.  But it’s still a “B” movie so don’t over think it or expect more than it is.

  • Girl Crazy

    Girl Crazy


    Micky Rooney and Judy Garland in another “ Let’s put on a show” (or in this case a rodeo) movie but sadly this one is a movie too far.  The kids are adults now... Judy has a job, Micky is in college.  But the high school hijinks just keep rolling.  Not as cute or endearing as it would have been with younger leading characters.
    But wait ... there’s more ... and this is the good news; A score by George…

  • Kingdom of Heaven

    Kingdom of Heaven


    A spectacular retelling of Jerusalem in the period between the second and third crusades. Of course it’s not 100% historically correct as it introduces several fictional characters to move the storytelling along.  Of particular interest to me is the historically correct character of Saladin, a Muslim warrior leader who would ultimately broker an uneasy peace after the third Crusade failed to re-capture Jerusalem from the Muslims. In the time period covered by this film Jerusalem was an open city in…

  • King Richard and the Crusaders

    King Richard and the Crusaders


    I watched this 1954 Cinemascope epic from Warner Brothers as a follow up to watching Cecil B DeMille’s 1935 film the Crusaders.  Both films are more Hollywood than History but the DeMille epic (yes it was an epic considering it was made in 1935 without the use of special effects) had some pretense about depicting the events surrounding the 3rd Crusade and the Muslim leader, Saladin, with some little thought of historical perspective.  

    The actors in the 1954 film…

  • One Shoe Makes it Murder

    One Shoe Makes it Murder


    A cheesy made for TV movie that is distinguish only by the fact that it’s Robert Mitchum’s first dramatic television appearance.  The cheesy factor is aided and abetted by
    a musical soundtrack that resembles a public domain music library so often used on budget films.  To see senior citizen Mitchum beat the crap out of a buff 20-year-old fitness trainer was the highlight of the film. Maybe us old guys still have it… At least in the movies.

  • The Crusades

    The Crusades


    Great production values for a film made in 1935 when a “cast of thousands” was just that... and no green screen help for the spectacular (for the day) sets.

  • The Iceman

    The Iceman


    Good gangster film based on a real person.

  • My Life So Far

    My Life So Far



  • A Royal Scandal

    A Royal Scandal


    You won’t find a finer example of the “Lubitsch Touch” than you’ll experience watching A Royal Scandal.  The film’s dialogue is witty, crisp And full of sly meanings that will sneak up on you.  Ernst Lubitsch did not direct or write the film, he was its producer, but his style permeates every second of the film’s 93 minute running time.
    If you never fully understood what was meant by the “Lubitsch Touch” see A Royal Scandal.

  • The Human Comedy

    The Human Comedy


    It’s nice to look back on a film like this and try to imagine that America really was as it is portrayed in the human comedy. My experiences growing up in the 40s and 50s lead me to believe there was an America before hate, prejudice, bigotry and suspicions what part of our daily lives.  

    Maybe one day soon...........

  • Sweet Revenge

    Sweet Revenge


    The film I watched is not included in this database. The sweet revenge I screened stars Sam Neil Release by Miramax and was a British production.

  • The Boys in the Band

    The Boys in the Band


    A time capsule for gay culture. Accurate for its day but so dated today.  Still fun and a reminder... ‘nuff said?