Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★

A horror-whodunnit that sets itself within the backdrop of a natural disaster, Bodies Bodies Bodies is nuts and wacky in all the good ways.

It weaves its web really well. None of it makes sense until it does. In the meantime, you're entertained by a group of characters that can be best described as stereotypes of Gen-Z trust fund kids. Each character was brought to life by wonderful individual performances.

Maria Bakalova was fantastic as the baseline that reacted to the other characters being so chaotic. It seems like Pete Davidson's David was all too on-the-nose meta. Lee Pace just let loose like a poor man's Matthew McConaughey in The Beach Bum. Rachel Sennott was hilarious; I very much look forward to future works from her.

I enjoyed the use of cellphones and glowsticks to give some colorful lighting, especially when some of this film was a bit tough to watch, given it was set during a night with no electricity in the house.

I love films where there are chaotic scenes by their characters and how they're directed. Halina Reijn really directed the heck out of some chaotic scenes here.

This movie is a sneaky gem of 2022.


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