I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

This is an absolute whale of a movie.

I, Tonya is ultimately a sad story but told through a humorous lens. I mean, it's only fitting. This whole saga is so bizarre and absurd and the characters involved feel like characters out of a Coen Brothers' movie. Only this time, it happened in real life. Well, being based on the interviews alone, it's only right this movie belts out a laugh or 10.

This movie is layered. You see many elements. One that stood out to me was Tonya Harding's abusive upbringing, and how it all just kept coming back to her between an abusive marriage and self-destructive tendencies. She had a gift. Her athleticism was unquestionably prodigious for her sport. Unfortunately, the sport of figure skating never saw the potential of its participants and wanted to double as a beauty pageant.

This also showed the beginning of the news cycle as we know it now. Scandals and 24-hour coverage of stories such as this one became "all the rage" (as they used to say back in the '90s). Mind you all, the Nancy Kerrigan incident happened in 1994; months before the murder of Nicole Brown.

Margot Robbie had Tonya COMPLETELY down. The attitude, the flair, the emotions; everything. It was a perfect performance, in my eyes. Allison Janney was just relentless in her performance as the unforgiving and unapologetic mother. Sebastian Stan has this innate ability to play utterly unlikeable characters, which serve as sort of a double-edged sword.


2017 Ranked: #8
My Top 100 Movies of the 2010s: #55 (NEW ENTRY)

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