• Splatter University

    Splatter University


    Low budget, bad acted, midnight horror films which usually feature blood & boobs have a certain charm about them everyone either loves or hates. Count me in the former. 

    This film is not good. Most of these kind are not. But man are they fun and give laughs and gore. This one tried to say something and didn’t really pull it off. But it held my attention.

  • Crimewave



    Sam, Joel, and Ethan…I have questions.

  • Beverly Hills Cop III

    Beverly Hills Cop III


    Like inserting Axel Foley into a Scooby-Doo like setting and mystery. It only works in parts. The parts that miss, miss badly.

  • Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage

    Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage


    White Privilege coupled with Toxic Masculinity is a cancer on society. It didn’t just come to a head at Woodstock 99. Woodstock 99 was a microcosm of that cancerous society that still permeates today in different venues. Brutal. Devastating. Depravity. And so so much anger bubbling over. And the women and girls took the brunt of it. And they still do today. 

    There was no peace and love. The documentary claims Woodstock has been viewed through rose colored glasses for…

  • Midnight Run

    Midnight Run


    De Niro is so good that this one slips under the radar when mentioning his career best. Yet, it features some of his best onscreen chemistry; this time with Charles Grodin. My goodness their scenes together are fantastic. Killer cast beyond those two, as well. Comedy, action, and just enough drama to make this adventure film a memorable one.

  • Dead Presidents

    Dead Presidents


    Three heists here; the one with stolen money, the government using men for war and then not giving them their proper due, and the one where America has stolen everything it can from people of color.

  • Cheech & Chong's Next Movie

    Cheech & Chong's Next Movie


    I know it’s probably cliche by this point but it really is funnier when you’re high.

  • Fear Street: 1666

    Fear Street: 1666


    Nice twists and turns. The gore is there. The 1666 stuff was genuinely creepy but a bit slow. Altogether, a fitting ending to a fun trilogy.

  • Space Jam: A New Legacy

    Space Jam: A New Legacy


    It’s a shameless commercial but it’s a fun shameless commercial. Loved spotting all of the characters in the audience. So many I’m sure me and the family missed some. But yeah, fun stuff.

  • America: The Motion Picture

    America: The Motion Picture


    Sits comfortably somewhere between the best and worst of Cartoon Network’s [Adult Swim]. Take that as you will.

  • Fear Street: 1978

    Fear Street: 1978


    Ziggy: You just swore!
    Cindy: It’s becoming a habit.

    The quality of the movies in this trilogy is becoming a habit, too. A step back from the quality side characters, 1978 makes up for in blood, gore, and kill count. The music choices here are phenomenal. One could make a case for 1978 being better than 1994, but the quality side characters go a long way with me. I’d say 1978 is on par. Let’s hope 1666 continues the habit of quality, fun horror.

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    One of the most intensely awkward movie I’ve seen in a while. At only 77 minutes it feels much, much longer; and this time that’s a good thing. It puts you right into the situation like a cringing fly on the wall. Impressive and brilliant.