Paprika ★★★★★

Alright, so it's actually a little more off-the-rails than I realized when I watched it Thursday. Like, I thought I'd be able to get all the plot stuff the second time around since I knew where everything was going, but I'm not sure if a cohesive explanation is actually given at all.

I also realized that this movie doesn't take itself as seriously as I thought it did, which makes my previous point a little more challenging, since there are parts in Act 2 where they're clearly trying to explain in a rational manner why what's happening is happening. Embracing the silliness does make it more fun in the dream-reality merge sequences though, because instead of being like, "wait, sorry, what just happened? No, go back, where did he come from?" you can just point at the screen and be like "holy shit WHAT!"

It might not "actually" be 5/5, but it's just fun as hell.