Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★★

Incredible. We are so lucky to have PTA making movies like this today. This is the closest we've gotten to a Hitchcockian movie, that is not a direct imitation, since Hitchcock died. Blown away by so many aspects of the film, I just need to sit on it so I can articulate my thoughts better. The score is...simply amazing, one of the best in years. This has cast a spell on me I haven't felt with a new movie in a while. The score will be on repeat the next few days as I slowly walk down my halls, steps and room pretending to be Mr. Woodcock. I want to see this again already, and will be counting the days until I do.

(I also got to see this on 35mm in The Vista in LA, a 1920s movie palace which is easily my new favorite theater. Going there was like stepping back in time, and made the experience even better.)

Edit: I haven't been this obsessed with a movie since La La Land. The film has not left my mind since seeing it well over 24 hours ago. It is easily my favorite film of the year.

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