Favorite films

  • Kata
  • Listening to the Space in My Room
  • Skiing Scenes With Franz Klammer
  • Prole Art Threat

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  • Momentum

  • Winter Li


  • Cycles

  • Daydream Therapy


Recent reviews

  • Freak Power: The Ballot or the Bomb

    Freak Power: The Ballot or the Bomb


    Sort of encapsulates some of my least favorite aspects of modern documentary film. Very over-edited and too narratively rigid - no room for the actual footage to breathe. I would have much preferred longer sequences of Hunter speaking. Still Robert Fulton's cinematography is as sharp as ever and there are some poignant moments.

  • A Hole in the Head

    A Hole in the Head

    Apart from the actual procedure footage, this makes for quite the hilarious watch. It pretty much just descends into talking head interviews of pro-trepanation new age toffs and bemused doctors

Popular reviews

  • 135 Grand Street New York 1979

    135 Grand Street New York 1979

    spectacular commodity only being an excerpt is such a tease

  • Sound Mirrors

    Sound Mirrors

    last year we shot a music video in dungeness. we were hoping to check out the sound mirrors but sadly they were inaccessible at the time. the great looming alien concrete sprouting out the ground