Suspiria ★★★★★

This was brilliant. Dare I say it — I enjoyed this more than the original. I kept repeating in my head: “I can’t believe this is Luca Guadagnino.” My jaw was dropping constantly. This is a testament to his true skill and diversity. It’s an unbelievably beautiful, hideously violent reimagining of its source material, though manages to be a completely separate film. And that’s genuinely not a bad thing, I think it would’ve been a lot less polarizing and just allout negatively received if Guadagnino had copied it frame by frame and used the same colour palette. Everything in this has some sort of wonderful significance knowing how intelligent and passionate Guadagnino is, so I’ll have to think more. I’m still processing all the political and historical stuff in it — and if I process it well, I’ll write more tomorrow. Until then, I’ll just say, even if you hate this film with every fiber of your being, Tilda Swinton will blow you away.

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