Kate ★★★

Alright, let's talk. I really wanted to like this and for the most part, I did but the story was pretty predictable. Similarities to "Gunpowder Milkshake" and "John Wick" come to mind. I give points for the cinematography and the action sequences, especially The Black Lizard fight sequence. Those camera shots were awesome. Winstead was very good too, I liked her performance but the kid was incredibly annoying, swearing left and right, trying to act tough. It just made me roll my eyes, the only time I thought she was adorable was when she talked about her mom and how she never met her. That got to me, then she had to ruin the moment by taking a selfie with Kate (Winstead) resting on her shoulder. C'mon Man!! Anyways, only style points can be given to a film like this.

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