Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

I was wrong. This is fun and cute. The romance is adorable. Gyllenhaal my goat. He’s having a blast in this. Even less to it thematically and visually than homecoming but still entirely charming and entertaining. I think what makes these movies better than the amazing Spider-Man films is they aren’t trying to do the same thing, these are a new take that fits the mcu, while amazing Spider-Man is just a emo rehash of the raimi films that has none of the mastery or heart. Only super bad part of this is the overly long cgi action. 
Watts > Webb 
The mysterio illusion sequence 🔥. The first time I watched this, I loved it, the second time I thought it was like the worst thing ever, and now I like it again. I must’ve been in a bad mood the second time 😂. 
Spider-Man rewatch is complete. Next up is No Way Home 😫

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