The Mask of Medusa

The Mask of Medusa ★★★★★

I saw a pigeon in flight, and as always I was struck by the idea that in modern art the poetry I would call of the instant has been forgotten. There are few modern pictures that express in a modern way (in the most absolute sense) the fall of a leaf, the flight of a bird, the intimacy of a little corner imbued with life, the harmony of a tiny cloud passing over the shape of things, etc, and all those particular nuances of the great universal whole that move one in pictures of the past. It seems to me that people may think that all this detracts from the skill and the show of skill that they want to display in paintings. Segantini was right to tell us to return to the humble daisy in the meadow and drop all those airs of skillful self-important artists.

- Umberto Boccioni's diaries.

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