Christofer has written 2 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2014.

  • Godzilla


    Discussed here, along with MONSTERS.

    "GODZILLA (...) is an awry spectacle, which maintains a clear dichotomy between the (predominant) sequences about the characters and those about the monsters. If one part of the San Francisco sequence, when the humans are running for a shelter, initially reeks of cowardice by denying the great confrontation at its center, this is soon justified and compensated in the next scene, with the paratroopers’ jump in the city right after it has been totally transformed…

  • The Ganzfeld Haunting

    The Ganzfeld Haunting

    “I love the smell of cocaine in the morning.”

    This is the kind of decadent shit I wish we would be seeing from the recent "neo-grindhouse" trend, that instead of adopting outdated conventions with a mocking tone, is more true to the spirit of those movies and so becomes a perfectly conscient product of vague appropriations of ugly, ridiculous and immoral images from contemporary low culture. It could be the intersection between late Lucio Fulci, Tony Scott and the poor,…