Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong

The director likes CNN

Also, Kong was just trying to vibe.

These movies just aren’t good. It’s so funny to have watched Shin Godzilla recently because it’s so insanely jarring to go from that film to this one.

So many of the positive reviews I see of this film open their thoughts with “this is not a movie to be taken seriously. Just sit back and relax. When you let go of your logic, it’s such a fun movie.” 

Fuck that. 

Yes, I realize that I’m about to go off about fucking Godzilla VS. Kong, but I loved these characters growing up. I had the toys. I had the video games. I watched all the old Japanese films. I’m in deep. 

Fuck this movie. 

They’re right. It’s popcorn cinema. But that doesn’t justify the overloaded plot, one-dimensional characters, unfunny jokes, and the overly melodramatic scenes. This film has five writers credited, and it shows. 40%-50% of film being SUPER COOL ACTION doesn’t change the incoherency of the script/direction. This film has no idea what it is trying to be. 

This is a movie about a giant gorilla and a giant lizard trying to kill each other, and I felt like I was watching a PSA, but with no clear message. 

This film reminds me of other vs movies like Alien VS. Predator or Freddy VS. Jason. 

When a studio forces two vaguely similar characters into one film to make some money off the name recognition. No one knows how to put the concepts together in a compelling way, so they say fuck it. Let’s just do whatever!!! 

Don’t watch this movie. Seriously. Waste of time. 

Unless you’re name is Tylor Myers. You must know my suffering.

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