Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★½

Dr Strange is the first character in the MCU or any superhero I can think of that we are expected to hate, even more than any villain. Iron Man and Thor also came off as arrogant and conceited, but it was more of a cockiness. They portray Strange as a reprehensible douchebag that’s stubbornly dogmatic, condescending and actually puts down the people around him. There’s not a glimmer of moral fiber shown. His only motive is himself for most of the runtime.

Only 3/4 into the movie does he show any kindness when he apologizes to Christine and then checks the life of the goon he just killed. He then swears off fighting to protect these sanctums because he wanted to be a doctor to save life not take it.

The scene where The Ancient One is giving Strange his last lesson about his potential and using these powers to help others was so beautiful because in a way I think inside we all are very much self centered like Steven we just aren’t as abrasive about it. It helped me empathize more imagining her talking to me. 

But it’s still hard for me because I really wasn’t rooting for him the whole movie, and can’t control the fact that I kind of don’t care about him as a character, which is the only character in the MCU I can say that of at the moment.

However the teachings in the movie are so influenced by Eastern philosophy and all of those beats in the movie resonate so deeply for me. Tilde Swinton’s The Ancient One is one of my favorite minor characters in this genre partly because of that reason and also just because I love her personality.

On top of that, the magic and all of the action involved is some of the most visually stunning cinema I’ve ever seen. I never get bored with it and those positives are enough for me to really enjoy this film, even despite me not really caring for the hero.

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