Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga ★★★★

🔹1st Viewing🔹

I really needed this type of movie right now. I feel like so many of the newer movies I’ve seen like Birds of Prey, Captain Marvel, Aladdin, Far From Home, Jumanji:TNL, Toy Story 4, and Frances Ha (among others) I haven’t enjoyed nearly as much as most have and I wonder if I’m either becoming anhedonic or if I’m looking at movies too critically.

Then I watch something as ridiculous as this and seemed to love it way more than any of those movies and way more than the average on here and it dispels those thoughts. It more so just reminds me of the nature of art and the beauty of its subjectivity.

Once again McAdams shows her range by dishing out another great comedic performance on top of her work in Mean Girls, Game Night and Wedding Crashers. This is the first new Ferrell movie that I’ve enjoyed in a long time and thought he nailed his role and did a great job with the writing.

Laughed at the majority of the jokes. The story and character arcs for the two leads worked so well for me. Thought the music was funny and catchy. I even found myself singing “Ya-Ya Ding Dong” after the movie ended lol 😂 And Stevens’ deep voice got me every time.

Even for a 2 hour comedy it flew by. Unexpectedly loved this and will definitely be watching again for some laughs.

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