I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★½

It’s not the movies fault but like Ingrid goes west, it’s really hard for me to “enjoy” a movie when I don’t like any (or most) of the characters in it. I get that’s the point and these people did/still exist, it’s just hard for me to enjoy it.

That said I did really like this movie. I didn’t really know anything about this story as i was too young when it happened. Despite not liking the characters I did care about Tonya and sympathize for who she became because of the people around her. People aren’t born bad imo. Unfortunately people grow up in fucked up environments and learn terrible disgusting behaviors and continue the chain. I love when she addresses and blames the audience. It was a really powerful moment.

I didn’t really find myself laugh at all other than Shawn’s interview with him adamant he went to espionage school.

The performances were incredible obviously. When her mom visited her/that hug/and the rest of that scene made me well up. Also the scene with Margot alone in front of the mirror was so good. Really hope she gets a nom.

Really good movie. Did it’s job. Will watch the 30 for 30 soon.

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