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This review may contain spoilers.

(7th of 7 entries of my theater watches/ initial thoughts when this first came out. FINALLY done.)

🩸7th Viewing🩸

Ive said it before and will say it again. I love this movie more and more with each viewing. I can’t believe I’ve seen this 7 times in theaters and every time still has that same magic that sweeps me away. It’s hard for me to imagine ever getting sick of this movie.

The main thing that was enhanced this viewing was the different perspectives of each character. Whos eyes were supposed to view through and how the different types of fans view these POVs and the opposing perspective.

We are so trained to think of Poe's archetype as the hero and were supposed to view that whole story arc with Holdo through his eyes. I think most of the viewers (including me) and including most of the fans who hated all of the Holdo stuff kind of ignores or doesnt realize important things because Rian successfully puts us into Poe's shoes.

Something I noticed this viewing that I can’t say I’ve seen anybody else point out was when Holdo first talks to Poe when hes trying to give her advice, 4 of the 5 same notes of Vader's theme plays when she says "So stick to your post and follow my orders." (Easier to hear in the score-only version) Maybe a coincidence but could be an intentional decision to hijack our subconscious association with that theme to think of her as the bad guy. THATS SO BRILLIANT on Williams part of that was intentional. Honestly that line definitely rubbed me the worng way on first viewing and made me actually question if she had bad intentions.

Just like Poe so many people want to know the plan and dont understand why she doesnt inform us. And we dont realize its because of people like DJ. We overlook when 3PO tells Poe that Holdo was looking for him after the mutiny, seemingly showing that Holdo, since they were so close and there was no chance for him to fuck it up, WAS going to inform him of the plan that is before Poe explains this secret mission and then she gets pissed.

With Finn the people that just hate everything about the storyline and think it was pointless I don’t think understand or just dont like Rose's perspective and the saving what you love theme at all. I always hear "thats what he was doing!" which kind of shows this because his motivation was clear, "No I wont let them win!" which is something people dont really reference. Hes not trying to save anybody, hes trying to win and ignores the cost of that (just like Poe did earlier).

⚔️Luke and Kylo
Then the whole Rashomon effect with Kylo and Luke's story. So many people see the Luke from Kylos vision and thats how they saw Rian's Luke through the whole movie and all of his decisions, as opposed to Lukes version.

Granted you can see this about all art, but its amazing how many situations in this movie exemplify the Rashomon effect where two radically different interpretations are involved and it actually colors how the ENTIRE movie is viewed (just like that interpretation in the hut). So many people view The Last Jedi and Rian Johnson as the Luke from Kylos vision. Then when they see Luke dying they dont see the character that we all do as this flawed character who had a great arc and finally was able to fulfill his duty, legend, and spread hope through the galaxy and see his death as this peaceful, purposeful becoming one with the Force. All they feel is not my Luke. Luke wouldnt do this. Yes finally hes facing the first order. Oh hes not even there this sucks (while the other side is like "HES NOT EVEN THERE THIS IS AWESOME.") And now you are killing Luke. why does he have to die?!?!? (While the other side is crying and saying "He managed to fufill his duty while still being a pacifist. OMG THE BINARY SUNS! This is PERFECT."

Idk. There are really two main radically different interpretations in this movie from Snokes death, to Poe and Holdo, to Finns arc, to Reys parents, and so on. Its no wonder that this is one of the most divisive movies ever and so vigourously loved and equally hated.

☯️Division and Taoism
What’s funny is along with the dualism of perspectives, I think another theme of TLJ IS that division in and of itself. The light saber split in half. The Supremecy (appropriate name) got split in half (aptly by Laura Dern). Snoke gets cut in half. There’s a civil war within the resistance. There’s a division between running away/survival and attacking head on/sacrifice. Having a rich bloodline and coming from nothing. The positive and negative aspects of heroes and legends.

Theres a “good” and “bad” to both sides. That’s why there’s a divisiveness to it all. Taoism is literally the backbone of the entire movie and its why TLJ is not only my favorite SW movie but one of my favorites of all time. Now this movie has seem to cause a split Star Wars fans and caused division. Unintended obviously. But nevertheless very poetic that it did.

i don’t think either side is right or wrong personally. That’s art. But like Rey and kylo are two sides of the same coin as well, all that matters is how we choose to act. How we choose to talk to eachother. Both characters have gone through a lot of bad shit. But you can be like Kylo and choose to hate because of it or be like Rey and choose kindness in spite of the horrible shit you’ve been through. To walk towards the throne after killing snoke or choose to check on your friends. Be unbalanced and throw temper tantrums and live in a sad pessimistic mindset (like many who hate the movie are doing) or to live in a hopeful optimistic frame of mind. To want to destroy/sacrifice everything and start a new order or to keep the Rebellion and the Jedi Order alive despite them both failing miserably.

To not fight what we hate. To save what we love. *mic drop*

*pick mic back up*
I’m sorry a lot of these reviews end up being these long melodramatic essays. I just love this movie so damn much.

*gently place mic back down*

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