Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

So I said I was done rewatching MCU movies until Infinity War but I caved and I’m glad I did. This movie just makes me so happy and you could tell that the people making the movie had so much fun making this.

 My only negative is I thought the dramatic beats could’ve been handled a little better and with a little more seriousness, especially regarding Hela and Odin. Hela really wasn’t given anything to do since the Bifrost sword was stolen. However, in a movie that’s mostly a comedy, the fact that the dramatic beats worked so well for me at all is impressive.  The tone is obviously radically different from the first two, but I think Thor’s overall arc in the trilogy works really damn well.

I was getting jaded in this MCU binge session and this completely reignited my hunger for more. So grateful for Taika and this movie! On to Guardians.

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