tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★

Musicals aren’t usually my thing, and have never seen RENT in any shape or form so maybe I lacked as potent of a reaction as most are having for that reason, but I have no major complaints really. I think the run time was too long for my taste but fantastic story. Fantastic performances. My third Garfield film in a row and I really need to get to more because he disappears in every role and he’s becoming a favorite.

It also makes me want to watch RENT and more musicals, which I think is the highest compliment I can give it.

This is one of those movies that makes me respect the particular community it represents. I had been in school for music and know how grueling and competitive is, but musicals and Broadway is just a whole other ballgame. I love how collaborative and communal the whole sphere seems to be. 

And obviously Miranda is almost a household name now even in non-musical homes and has done a lot of incredible work but it’s astounding this is his nascent directing job. Dude can do anything and can’t wait for more.

And I’d be remiss to not mention that I was considerably moved by Larson’s mid-life crisis and this story considering I’m in the midst of my own. Except, ya know, I’m not a musical genius who finished writing a play lol I’m a half a year into my 30s and my health issues are rearing their ugly head and feel rendered immured by my body, especially when my ambition is akin to Jon’s and am unable to even try. And I feel that perpetual ticking like the crocodile from Peter Pan.

But this movie also did a good job of humbling me  and making me grateful for what I do have because of the dour circumstances surrounding the movie with the people around him being affected by AIDS and the tragedy of how he lost his life. 

So heart-breaking and really hope there is an afterlife so he can be reveling in the glory that his work gave to the world.

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