Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

Ready Or Not is a super fun, very violent, and sometimes funny ‘family’ movie.

All of the characters in the movie did a a good enough or amazing preformance in the film, and they all knew what kind of film this was. It’s not serious, and I’m glad this is more of a comedy than horror as if it was just horror it would’ve sucked as it wouldn’t have known what it really was.

The actual plot was interesting but weird, and I definitely thought how the ending played out was kinda rushed but good enough to get the job done.

This movie feels way longer than its runtime,  it it’s not a bad thing as I enjoyed myself through the whole thing. 

My major problem is that the movie could’ve ended a lot of times, and the main character gets sooooo freaking lucky that it’s almost unbelievable, but it is a horror comedy about hide and seek so it’s understandable.

Also some of the comedy doesn’t land quite right and just comes off flat but there are a lot of chuckles to be had in it.

Verdict-Fun and sometimes funny, Ready Or Not is a solid movie that does exactly what it’s supposed too and a little bit extra, even though seeming cheesy in an already ridiculous movie.