The Shaggy D.A.

The Shaggy D.A. ★★★★★

I turned 30 and played this in a theater to so many friends and family.

All I have ever wanted in my constant discovery of movies is to find works I can share with others that I know they would love and equally that I know that would never seek out otherwise.

To inspire everyone start a new canon of their own beloved.

To have an audience infectiously laugh throughout this was perfect. The humor overtaking the incredulity that a live action Disney 70s sequel is somehow worth consideration.

A whole lot of new happy customers. The best gift I could ever ask for.

Some highlights:

- My dad laughing way too loud at the notion of a Boston Terrier talking
- My brother immediately turning to me at the start of the movie to ask if this is the movie where the dog throws a right hook
- My mom the next day saying the next day if that was Susanne Plechette
- My brother’s friend Alec writing this to me later:

Love you to absolute bits. I have to give a ton of credit on the movie choice! Hitting the nail on the head for 30 people is a feat of strength I won’t see matched for some time

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