Tenet ★★★★

Kinda surprised by the divisiveness of this movie. Sure, the plot's pretty convoluted (purposefully so as I saw it), but really not as hard to follow as some people claim it to be. The movie works best when it focuses on the wonderful symbiosis between its phenomenally well-directed action set-pieces (its very clear how much Nolan's staging of action scenes has improved over the years) and Ludwig Görranson's effectively-used score. However, like many Nolan flicks, this movie suffers from massive amounts of expository dialogue that slow down the pace of the first half. When the movie puts its audiovisual language at the front and center, it excels though. So while this won't be anywhere near the top of my Nolan-ranking anytime soon, I still very much enjoyed the overall viewing experience and have a lot of appreciation for the craftsmanship at display.

side note: I was kinda let down by the projection at my local theatre, cause they didn't use the potential of their huge screen and showed the movie in an unexpectedly small format, that didn't do justice to its massive scope. Might rewatch it on an IMAX screen in a couple of days.

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