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  • Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

    Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

    Jason vs. Telekinesis.... Jason loses again.

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two

    Hell hath no furry like a clown scorned for children. 
    It’s all a bit too meandering.

  • Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood

    Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood

    Did you all know that human meat makes the body stronger? 🍖 🥩

  • Long Shot

    Long Shot

    Yes please! 🔥 
    Boyz to Men show up...need I say more?? 
    Rogen and Theron have tons of chemistry y’all. 

  • Tenderness of the Wolves

    Tenderness of the Wolves

    Kurt Raab slays...quite literally. Also, a bloated Fassbinder spends most of his screentime trying to sell stolen watches in a pub...yeah I really liked it. 🔥

  • Disconnected


    Bizarre semi-slasher oddity. I can’t recommend it, and if I’m being honest didn’t really like it, but I embrace the weirdness and the ambition. Also, sick soundtrack bra. 🤘🏻

  • Hell Comes to Frogtown

    Hell Comes to Frogtown


  • Midsommar


    A second watch, this being the newly presented director’s cut. Runs about 25 or so minutes longer. Found this cut to be even more successful than its predecessor. Really embraced the film’s rhythmic precision with the added in material. It just flows beautifully. Also, the film’s humor moves up a notch as well, as Will Poulter’s character, Mark, says a few more indulgent lines of dialogue and finishes those scenes vape 💨 in hand LOL.

  • Brightburn


    LOL 😖
    In the words of Michael Caine “Some people just want to watch the world burn.” 
    Although there are two stand out moments, one being Roy from the office telling his alien son about masterbation and playing with his penis, and the 2nd being Billie Eillish’s song Bad Guy playing over the credits, which really tied it all together you feel me fam??

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Lawrence of Arabia

    Watched the new 4k print at my local Alamo Drafthouse. First time viewing and it did not disappoint.

  • Street Mobster

    Street Mobster

    Nihilistically frantic, Fukasaku’s formalism is used through handheld photography and a sped up frame rate through the narrowly inescapable streets and alleyways of Kawasaki. The architecture plays a pivotal role in the ever expanding skyscrapers and a growing populatuon that are compared to the yakuza boss’ heightened reign over the 5 years that “protagonist” Okita has been away in prison.  
    Watched this on the arrow Blu-ray they put out last year I believe.

  • Babylon


    A major discovery.  Streaming right now on the criterion channel (!!). Go watch this immediately. Need some time to digest. This transfer is incredible. The location shooting sets the tone of desolate, empty diminishing spaces unlike any part of London I’ve seen on screen before. This takes place in South London to be precise.