Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★½

There's some amazing moments here and a really weird score and soundtrack which I love, but as a whole I'm not as infatuated with this as other people seem. 

There's not really a reason for this that I can put my finger on, as I have nothing but praise for the most part. Maybe it's the tone. Striking the balance of a dark comedy is incredibly tough and this for the most part achieves that, but there are some moments where the tone seems off (funeral scene and hunting the bigass pig come to mind). 

It's also strange that I'm not head over heels with this since it definitely calls back to and is probably inspired by Moonrise Kingdom. 

It's definitely a good film and one that I most likely will revisit sometime in the future (l'll mention here that the serious parts are really serious and the funny parts are really funny and this works out, as said above, for the most part), but not one I love. 

I'll definitely watch more Waititi and it's cool seeing his style in this and how it translated and influenced Ragnarok. 

Side note: besides Lorde and The Naked And Famous this is my only other venture into Kiwi art and I plan on venturing more. Especially if I can get more shots of that gorgeous landscape.