Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

“You’re stupid. Love is the strongest thing in the world.”

I laughed. I cried. I loved every minute of Jojo Rabbit. 

I feel like this concept was just made for me with just how many dark jokes there were about the holocaust (a hilariously dark subject matter). Sure, it never goes quite to the extent of some of my favorite comedians, but the fun is there and this is a Hitler movie for god’s sake. I think this also showed some equally devastating moments like the red shoes and when the war gets to Germany. 

Every performance is amazing. Thomasin McKenzie is such a beautiful actor and I cannot wait for the rest of her career. The lead was good and so was Scarjo and Sam Rockwell! I can’t think of one character or little detail that I didn’t absolutely love. I cannot stress how much I loved every scene Scarjo was in, especially. 

I would’ve loved to see more of Waititi’s Hitler character who I think gets less screen time towards the end. Even if he gets a great send off, that’s the one flaw I can think of. 

I think it’s interesting how this is what I saw in theatres after Parasite. While Parasite is undoubtedly the better film, I like this one a lot more. 

My mother was visiting the city and we watched this together. Pretty quickly into it she turned to me and said “this is like that one movie with Gwenyth Paltrow ... no no that hotel one that you love a lot.” What im bringing this up for is that I find it very amazing how much Waititi is a fan of Wes Anderson and yet he still brings his own style. It gives me hope for my future.

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