Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★

Still very potent on second watch. If anything, I was able to appreciate a lot of the storytelling components more this time. I don't think there's one wasted moment, and pretty much everything that is brought up once will have a payoff by the time the end credits roll around.

To copy and paste something from my OG review: "In a film filled to the brim with good shots, Marianne sitting in front of the fireplace smoking a pipe and three silhouettes traveling through the countryside at sunset stand out."

Forgot to include this: I have no idea what drug they take in this film but holy shit do I want some.

EDIT: The lack of sexiness in a film that seemingly wants to exude such is confusing, and if given another rewatch I could see this being a 7/10. The romance is great, but so is platonic friendship if that's the only direction you wanna go. In that sense, I see the direction to be lacking a bit.

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