Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ½

yall are some nasty nasty weirdos and it’s so gross and invalidating to victims of relationships like this to romanticize one and praise something that is obviously a power imbalance bordering on emotional abuse. this is some fucking nonsense. like there’s nothing groundbreaking in it that tells me why yall are giving it 5 stars? it’s fucking boring, timothee is a shit actor, he and armie have no chemistry, timothee’s character is always acting like a weirdo, i could go on. the only redeemable qualities are i guess shit like the cinematography? it was pretty? i liked the way elio dressed? but otherwise i didn’t enjoy any of this film and it was fun to make fun of it with my girlfriend but after the peach scene it really sank in that... yall think this is a good, beautiful representation of two people in love. if you treat your significant other like this you’re a weirdo, and i’m gonna be real here let’s not praise this as anything but a portrayal of an unhealthy relationship. to put it in perspective there’s so many young gay teens who could potentially think this film is a good example of an lgbt relationship and get hurt because of it. and the film isn’t gross simply because elio’s 17; it’s also gross because oliver’s taking advantage of him and the vulnerability that comes with his age. anyone can be taken advantage of but obviously age/maturity/experience can be a big factor in someone doing so. 

im gonna be real here i stopped watching near the end to type this fuck review so i missed all that nonsense but yall still owe me money for saying this movie is good. and extra money if you say the words “eliott and oliver are in love” as defense for you liking it

p.s. sorry i just thought of this! this was written by a straight man, wasn’t it? film gays are eating this bullshit right out of a straight man’s hand... this is literally not the kind of representation you want. it feels like it’s fetishizing/romanticizing homosexuality for an aesthetic. it’s just weird and kind of makes me uncomfortable

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