I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★½

this movie was a lot. i initially adored it (i was almost positive of my 4 star rating), but after the “incident” scene and this film’s desperate attempts to paint tonya in a sympathetic light while giving nancy’s side of the story absolutely no coverage whatsoever, my enjoyment went right out the window. nancy didn’t even have any fucking dialogue. we give tonya’s abusers their own side of things over and over again but we can’t try to be impartial in this situation? at the end of the movie, tonya says “that’s the fucking truth” but the real truth here is that we have no idea what actually transpired and no idea whether tonya truly was blameless in the controversy. and yall are acting like this movie is facts. i was looking at reviews and i saw shit over and over again like “tonya harding has never done anything wrong in her life” and “nancy can choke”, and it made me feel slightly sick. it is a great film but it was a very real thing that happened and yall should treat its events and characters with respect. i understand yall are probably not used to biopics about sensitive topics (i think your poor minds just can’t handle it after watching the social network so many times) and while this is a bit of a comedy, it is also a very real, horrifying story. there’s no place for weird comments like that in this situation and it’s nasty to make them

good movie and amazing performance from margot but it’s cancelled since yall don’t know how to act. in the aftermath of viewing this i just feel upset and gross

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