• Fedora



    Famously (or infamously?) known as Billy Wilder’s spirtual sequel to SUNSET BOULEVARD, I was surprised with the wonderful quality that FEDORA has to offer. Surely way ahead of its times (and judging by the low average rating in this Letterboxd community, still is). 

    A critique of post-golden age Hollywood and a sombre depiction of drugs addiction, while also a tragic love story and a James Bond motion picture (Count Sobryanski seems like a terrific Bond villain) all rolled into one, this is a classic that more people should know (and watch).

  • Fear City: A Family-Style Comedy

    Fear City: A Family-Style Comedy


    So I just realized now that the French owned a SCARY MOVIE and NAKED GUN’s offspring.

  • Laurence Anyways

    Laurence Anyways


    Xavier Dolan is right about my age so of course whenever I finished watching his films I’m always a little bit depressed by the gap of what we each other had been achieving but thats okay.

  • Gangster



    Between this and 5 COWOK JAGOAN, I have to point out that I think action comedy is the most underrated genre of Indonesian Cinema today. MORE PLEASE.

  • One Day We'll Talk About Today

    One Day We'll Talk About Today


    One day we’ll nitpick about this film.

    And that day is today. So here’s a few: 

    -You know you’re in for some dysfunctional family tale when the parents gave their kids some pretentious thematic names.
    -And they all starts with A? Really? Don’t they know the struggles of students having a name that starts with A in every hapalan agama in school? Of course they don’t. As long as they’re having a thematic and cool name for their kids.

  • The Fixer

    The Fixer


    Always love it when a movie shows something thats the other side of what we’ve been getting used to see; such as this case of this film about a journalist trying to make his way up by “fixing” an interview from a victim of human trafficking. We are so getting used of being fed a documentary about touchy subject and rated it “engaging” “a masterpiece” etc without even thinking “are they okay with this being filmed/published?” and this film trying to delve into that side of perspective.

  • The Home and the World

    The Home and the World


    Can you believe that this is my first Ray. That’s it, I pop my Ray cherry.

  • Night Tide

    Night Tide


    15 minutes into this film, I can’t help but wonder what if this film was actually what drives Jordan Peele to became a filmmaker, since both his films to-date brings lots of similarities to this one (gf that sounds like a trouble? Checked. Set majorly in funfair? Checked). Loves the ambiguous ending.

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    By the time we arrived at the scene where Saoirse and Timothee first dancing with each other, we know that this is Greta Gerwig’s film first, movie adaptation of that-book-your-grandma-loves second.

  • A Sun

    A Sun


    Found this film in Netflix and never heard of it even once before. A family saga fueled by tragedy(es) that will wrench your heart. Think of it as Bong Joon-ho’s “FATHER”. (and coincidentally today is a Chinese New Year so it’d be a great film to watch to celebrate it!)

  • 1917



    Watched this and the person beside me in the theatre was a woman watching it alone and she can’t stop sobbing all the time and it made me realize that this wasn’t a war movie after all. 

    Really, didn’t expect this one to be THIS GOOD (considering the generic title and trailer). What I thought to be just another war movie turns out to be a case of “what if, instead of EA it was Naughty Dog that decided to make a war movie?”.

  • Posesif



    First film watched in 2020.