Captain Marvel ★★★

She can do a lot more than make tea with those hands. 

There is a notable obsession with feet that I really liked. This movie miraculously drops drastically below the expected standard of quality, delivering sloppy editing, no continuity, and entirely unbelievable CGI. Mediocrity is the worst bad and because of Captain Marvel’s conventional badness it becomes one of the best of these in a while. It overcomes conventions by its lack of the ability to achieve them, elevating this to a purer form of cinema than almost all recent Marvel offerings. There are some shots and sequences that are so unreal in their visual strangeness that I was amazed by their inclusion. It also commits sacrilege in MCU lore by its treatment of Nick Fury and the Tesseract and I am a big fan of sacrilege. I appreciate what they did with the villains and I like how the main Skrull dude was so off from what you would expect him to be in a Marvel movie. Nick Fury was great and the expansion of his character and relationship with Coulson was good. Best MCU movie besides Infinity War in a very, very long time.

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