Favorite films

  • The Annihilation of Fish
  • Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
  • Distant Voices, Still Lives
  • On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

Recent activity

  • Akeelah and the Bee

  • Nope

  • The Munsters

  • Red Lips

Recent reviews

  • Certain Women

    Certain Women

    when we were stagnant
    hock vision persuaded
    i pulled my gut out for you
    pressed myself 
    into some nook in your chest
    petrified imprints
    notching square on stone
    or inside windowpane clouds 
    to frame those things we didn’t know yet
    i could name what was certain 
    on my fingers,
    driving, waiting by brown furs
    and maybe the fields 
    in bunches 
    september smiles melting
    my strings undone
    splayed out on old bedding 
    everything else starts to fade now
    it melds itself into something
    drier than…

  • Phenomena


    baazlebub jolts 
    but sways me to sleep
    whirring joints
    like reduviid femurs
    do you feel my body humming
    under your shard glassed digits
    you tick tick tick in me
    like old gear teeth
    but dont speak 
    and after ours 
    the sound
    so scraping
    overwhelms everything
    that makes me tough
    not any brittle babble
    or jabbed up throat moans
    no chinches 
    hold your head up
    they are what keep me
    steady moving ringlets of flesh
    we flit on these woods