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This review may contain spoilers.

I've read somewhere that Tenet is so unapologetically Chris Nolan, and that really resonated with me while I was watching the film. It's so accurate! This film has all of the expected elements of his and yet it somehow still feels so new and refreshing. I'm actually a really big fan of the plot, because i think it's so interesting to think of what people from the future with all their grand technology would do about all the problems about the world that they have to deal with.

I'm not gonna lie, i didn't understand everything about this film, especially the science aspect of it. I really need to mention that I really don't care much for physics, i'm so bad at it LOL, which only makes me feel in more awe of people who study it. Given that, I think my bias for Nolan is a factor as to how i just didn't care. I didn't care that I wasn't aware of everything that was happening in the film, it was already a good experience for me to sit through it and just watch as the things happened. And i enjoyed it! I paused it here and there because my head was starting to hurt, and there were times i was sure i was completely out of the loop, but all i wanted to do was just press play. Nolan's films have always been able to hook me into the story, even if i knew shit about what was going on or not. Tenet wasn't an exception.

The action sequences are one of my favorites ever, the cinematography is great, and the soundtrack slaps! but the aspect that stays with me the most is the cast, especially JDW, Rpatz, and Elizabeth! Their chemistry together is amazing. Their performances are stellar. Also they are so fucking gorgeous it's unreal.

Rob is one of my favorite actors, and i was really looking forward to what he had to give to this film. This only proves that he is one of the finest actors of his generation. He has this amazing presence on-screen that he exactly had in The Devil All The Time. Also his chemistry with John David... that final scene.... tears were shed.

I get that this movie isn't for everyone, the mixed reviews say so much. It's great because Nolan is the exact director that i would think of first to create a movie that would have such mixed reviews in this proportion. It's perfectly fine that people have such different thoughts over this film--i would expect no less from a movie this complex.

It is an ambitious and spectacular joyride of a film. I'm so excited to see this again, hopefully I can squeeze in another viewing before 2020 ends. All in all, I was floored by this film. Rob said something about Tenet and how it means so much to the future of cinema, and i couldn't agree more. I can honestly see it as something that will be more significant as time passes on (ooh la la i mentioned the word time!).

My favorite Chris Nolan trademark is the way that after his film ends, there's always this room for discussion about things that are so bigger than us. There's always this feeling that i've witnessed something beyond myself, an experience that I also encountered in The Lighthouse. The stories he chooses to tell are so ambitious, always something to think about, and for me, genuinely worth it.

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