Sorcerer ★★★½

There are very few directors who can go toe to toe with Francis Ford Coppola and lay claim to being the best filmmaker of the 1970's, but I genuinely believe William Friedkin is one of them. Sorcerer may have damaged that argument when it was initially released, but thankfully it seems like the reappraisal has occurred. It's a pretty insane bit of filmmaking really.

There are many moments throughout where I asked myself "how did they actually do this," and not because things were necessarily complicated, or there were wildly stylish camera movements, but because it looks like they went out of their way to make things as dangerous as possible. There is an extended sequence with one of the trucks (a hulking beast of a machine) on a small dilapidated bridge that I won't soon forget.

The story is actually fairly light once we get passed the four vignettes that open the movie and introduce our main characters. Still, there are no frills. Friedkin may like to punish the actors by making them go through hell and back, but things happen efficiently and without baggage.

And that score by Tangerine Dream! Didn't think anything could rival their work in Thief, but here we are.

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