Nefarious ½

That wasn't very pro-life of them! They really thought they ate.

Atheist bad, abortion bad, prison system bad, education system bad, God bad, free will bad, serial killer bad, death penalty bad but also good, open carry bad, demon bad, media bad, music bad, books bad, Liberal bad, and I'm probably missing a few more but I don't care to go see it again.

This movie thinks it has something to say but it contradicts everything and ultimately says nothing other than "I'm a waste of time!" Hey, at least it was funny but man was it slow and meandering. An insult to filmmaking in the truest form but I knew what I was in for when I saw the directors. Speaking of, they show some mild competence as directors. The acting is also hilariously bad (why did he keep blinking) and the writing doesn't help.

They keep writing atheist characters without even understanding the basic thing about atheists and that's the funniest part of this entire project.

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