Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★

I approached Spring Breakers with extreme trepidation. So far, my experience with 2013 films has been extremely dull, with not a single film I could consider good enough to put on a list of potential favorites of the year. Almost every film had either been bad, or I found myself on the negative side of the hype (I'm looking at you Stoker). It did not help that in the past I have had an uneasy relationship with Director Harmony Korine's work, who has turned out films I have admired greatly, and films that I hated. Sitting down to watch Spring Breakers was like playing Russian Roulette.

I'm glad to say I thoroughly enjoyed Spring Breakers in ways I couldn't anticipate enjoying a Harmony Korine film. To say Spring Breakers is his most accessible film seems to both understate its nature and also oversell it at the same time.

If I could describe Spring Breakers with one word, it would be "electric". Everything about this film is electric. The lead girls are "electric". James Franco, in what I can safely say is his best performance, is electric. The score is electric. The neon cinematography is electric. It's hard not to be engaged with Spring Breakers at just about every moment because of how "electric" everything is. It is a film with an atmospheric pulse. It's alive.

I was worried Korine would turn in an empty film that metaphysically comments on today's youth, but thankfully, although I did find faults within the film on a narrative level, the content makes the commentary just as much as the style.

As positive as I am about Spring Breakers, I'm not without some reservations. I feel they eject the film's most interesting character halfway through, the film clearly stalls itself at times just so it can make a feature length running time, and I don't think the film closes like it needs to.

That being said, Spring Breakers is the first film of 2013 I could possibly consider great, to a point where I'll be joining those cultish cries of "Spring Break Forever."

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