Eternals ★★★★

Eternals is big, passionate and commands respect from its audience. Its brilliant cast quickly gains your love and Chloé Zhao's vision is one that must be experienced in all its glory on the big screen! I had dubious expectations going into it, but my faith in the cast and director Zhao was consistent--and rewarded! It doesn't take you long to feel at home with the characters: Jolie as the stoic goddess of war Thena, Keoghan as the passionate savant Druig, Ridloff as the cheeky speedster Makkari, and Henry as the witty scientist Phastos were all the standouts for me. At its core, Eternals is a story about love, loss, family and personal identity, told through a mythological lense that manages to feel larger than life but grip you all the while. It's not perfect, but when it falters it catches itself and reels you back in. Hope the MCU sticks to this type of storytelling in the future and I can't wait to see what else Zhao has in store.

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