Skyfall ★★★★½

A fantastic way to celebrate bonds 50th anniversary back in 2012 , this is just a fantastic bond film and a big improvement on quantum of solace. A film that explores bonds past and his character, asking the question, does the world need james bonds secret, old fashioned agent in a world of modern technology? Putting james bonds physicality and intuition in a game against javier bardems cyber terrorist villian. The cast are all great especially Judi dench m who is a major part of the plot and kind of a bond girl, her relationship with bond and the villian is another area of bond explored. Javier bardems entrance is iconic and memorable and his speech about the rats links to the film.

The theme song by adele is one of the best and the opening action scene with a chase on bikes and a fight on the train is some excellent practical stunt work. Its exciting and surprising and a great cat and mouse game between bond and the guy hes chasingand I love how it builds and gets more suspenseful. The whole film has some great action scenes. I even love the ending at james bonds child home, with bond and m working together.

One of daniel Craig's best bond films, not as great as casino royals but pretty close. Daniel craig once again shows why hes a great bond, exploring and showing more of bonds character.

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