• Masters of the Universe

    Masters of the Universe


    Not really aware of masters of the universe but the film wasn't that good, I know isn't too faithful to the source and that they never went to earth in the cartoon but this was still kind pf fun, the look of the film is very low budget and that added to the charm and skeletor was really good but not a film I would watch again.

  • It's a Wonderful Knife

    It's a Wonderful Knife


    This was OK, not briliant, I felt a bit similar watching another horror film that came out this year, same type of story, couldn't really get into this, tried hard to be funny. Good cast, but the killer looked like moon Knight to me everytime I saw them.

  • Miller's Crossing

    Miller's Crossing


    A perfect film and one of my favourite coen brothers film in my opinion, a rewatchable, stylish and clever film with a story where you have to pay attention. A gangster film set in the twenties with a witty, smart and funny script that sounds like a film noir at times. The violent setpieces are tense, bloody, shocking and well filmed and the score is sublime and pretty. So many good cast members in the film, Jon polito is a…

  • GoodFellas



    A stylish, well edited and compelling film about good fellas who are bad fellas who break and bust each other s balls and get whacked for over two hours. A classic.

  • The Christmas Chronicles

    The Christmas Chronicles


    A Christmas film that's a lot of fun and has the spirit of Christmas, a feelgood film with a terrific spot on then from Kurt Russell. Lots of adventure and hijinks and has the Christmas look, lots of positive vibes. Not perfect but decent viewing over the holidays.

  • Armour of God

    Armour of God


    Armour of God has a exciting premise of Jackie chan being an Indianna Jones type of character treasure hunting around the world but doesn't really deliver on the premise, a film that despite a briliant finale in a cave with some energetic, well done fight scenes and a exhilarating car chase, there isn't much here thats interesting, the story is dull and not much happens, there's not a lot of action or spectacle and the film goes for a comedic tone but it ends up being embarrassing and not very funny. Not one of Jackie chans best 80s films.

  • High Fidelity

    High Fidelity


    Obviously has a great soundtrack because the story is based around a character who owns a record store, and has a story about lists and a look at relationships in a different way tgat dealt with how breakups affect people. The 4th wall breaking scenes where John cusack talks to the audience are a creative way of adapting the narration from the book. The scenes in the record store with cusack and Jack Black are the most fun.

  • Doctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder

    Doctor Who: Wild Blue Yonder


    This episode was terrific, small simple episode with a mystery tgat unravelled nicely and kept me guessing, the cgi was a bit bad at times but it worked in favour of the villains making me terrified and making it funny at the same time. It was a episode tgat got more chilling as it went on, a bit of a slow burner but I liked the vibe and because it was only Tennant and tate in the episode mostly. It…

  • Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

    Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe


    A film that loves up to the title and delivered what it promises, although picturing it before I saw it , I thought it would be Herzeg sitting in front of a white wall by himself eating the shoe with a knife and fork like warhol did with a burger but there's more to it, more preparation and meaning. You see herzog cook the shoe and talk about why he's doing it, he did it when his friend error Morris…

  • Burden of Dreams

    Burden of Dreams


    A good film to watch after fitzcarraldo, it shows a lot of methods and extremes Herzegovina went to achieving the completion of his own dream. A film a out the making of fitzcarraldo, it shows the technical issues, political and economic problems of shooting on amazon locations and gives a glimpse into herzogs title as a cinematic madman.

  • Fitzcarraldo



    A daring, crazy and obsessively made film about nature, the jungle and following ypur dreams no matter what the challenge. The film takes a while to get going, not starting on the ship in the jungle until nearly an hour and a half. Moving a ship up a mountain practically provides some shots and stunts and effects that were real and becomes crazy and epic. Its a long film but one I was absorbed by.

  • Double Indemnity

    Double Indemnity


    A chefs kiss of a noir film, everything fits well in this, from the writing, to the director and to the cast. A nicely plotted story and has one of my favourite performances in the film from Edward g Robinson, love to hear him talk and the sight of him with his cigarin his mouth while he talks adds to the coolness of the film.