• Coyote Ugly

    Coyote Ugly

    why is tyra banks on the poster when shes barely in the movie?

  • May


    anna faris makes me giggle every time

  • Party Girl

    Party Girl

    purely an aesthetic watch for me. i just knew the music would be good

  • M3GAN


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    m3gan did not deserve to die.

  • Lady in a Cage

    Lady in a Cage

    something about the theatrics of it all just did it for me. how deliciously cruel, especially the ending. i couldnt help but giggle

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once

    got too high and sleepy to even finish this but wow. never wanted to roll my eyes so hard at a movie. is it over? like r u done? will we ever be free of mediocre diversity checkbox a24 films?
    sometimes i long for the days where i was easily amused/impressed by movies like this... maybe id be happier
    also whats with the corny callbacks to wong kar wai films? MAKE UR OWN MOVIE!

  • Pickup on South Street

    Pickup on South Street

    it was erotic in a way i wasnt expecting but perhaps this is customary in noirs since i definitely dont watch enough. i had to write a remake of this one for a homework assignment once and we werent allowed to watch the movie before writing. always wanted to check it out and found a decent upload of it for free!!

  • Seed of Chucky

    Seed of Chucky

    chuckys genderfluid kid..... we're NOT gonna talk abt the implications of them being named glen/glenda but we ARE gonna talk abt john waters having a role in this which tickles me

  • Wendell & Wild

    Wendell & Wild

    its cute or whateva

  • Barbarian


    why did it take so long for the rapist to die? first i thought the magical negro helping them escape was tired, then its weirdo mama just wants a baby is this horrid villain

  • Lord Shango

    Lord Shango

    this was not good but the lead actresses were very beautiful

  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man

    Tetsuo: The Iron Man

    metal fetish cyberpunk film in lovely black n white w industrial techno sounds and the most fucked up body horror? this fucking rules.