• Klute


    seriously why was it called klute when miss fonda was acting downnnnn

  • Single White Female

    Single White Female

    for some reason i got this and in the cut confused so i did a double feature. jennifer jason leigh is rly underutilized in in the cut. i love that shes just a crazy bitch here

  • In the Cut

    In the Cut

    was giving antiblack white feminist cop cum guzzling slayage! jane campion retire bitch!

  • Chameleon Street

    Chameleon Street

    think this was on my watchlist for like 4 yrs.. finally saw the restoration courtesy of black harvest film festival. not only was it funny and cleverly written, but also had rly awesome experimental editing nd sound design that i wasnt expecting. think good time or i love you phillip morris thru a black lens, and youll have maybe an ounce of an idea of what this film is like.

  • Cleopatra Jones

    Cleopatra Jones

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    i wish that kid who helped watch her car actually robbed her like he originally planned

  • Coffy


    pam griers boobs won

  • Pin


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    the ending was such a let down. how lame

  • Memoria


    no one should have to hear tilda swintons terrible spanish for 2 hrs straight

  • Brain Damage

    Brain Damage

    its so obviously one huge addiction allegory but whats w the homoerotic imagery? there were even moments where the protagonist looks like he has ks legions... was it just me?

  • Titane


    i love that alexia is like a somewhat transgender manifestation of that hypermasculine women on cars fetish. but i feel like the momentum drastically shifts and it kinda flops when she stops killing ppl imo. i was very drawn to the protagonist and how inhuman she already is. i honestly wished there was more of her biological dad. there are compelling moments of transgender imagery and experience that lack sincerity or depth (not that i expect it), and both subverts…

  • Office Killer

    Office Killer

    carol kane is one hell of a character actor. really love how shermans iconic visuals from her photography translate cinematically. plus the jenny holzer credits r cool.

  • New Nightmare

    New Nightmare

    i think the self referential film is tacky and only seems to work the best in scream. i just didnt care abt this