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  • The Black Tower

    The Black Tower

    “At first I thought that I was in complete darkness but after a while I noticed a greyish speck which remained in the same place when I moved my eyes. I realised that I was facing a flat black wall. I got the feeling that the room was in fact brightly lit but I couldn’t be sure.”

    A matt black shape of a house on the top of a tower. Is it actually there or is it cut out of…

  • Her


    If this was titled Him and you had Theodora wearing Groucho glasses for two hours, do you think you’d still argue that this film tells something about HUMANS or would you have called it a chick flick and never considered watching it because that chick wasn’t even hot?

    (This is a rhetorical question. I wish people would stop proclaiming that films like this say something about HUMANS, because then it’d be easier to take such films a little bit lighter.…