Almost Famous

Almost Famous ★★★★★

An absolute gem!

Penny Lane, is one of the most fascinating characters put to film, she is captivating and mysterious. The only time you see her truly break down is when she figured out she was traded for beer and cash. Her breakdown lasts only 2 seconds before she asks what beer it was. You never quite know what she’s about. In fact, much of the movie is left up to interpretation.

I’m obsessed with the two Cameron Crowe movies I’ve seen, but this one feels next level. I’m very surprised it didn’t do well at the box office. I think his personal experience combined with his love for music only enhances the plot and makes the film so accessible yet so rewarding for film and music nerds.

This part makes me miss Philip Seymour Hoffman, specifically because of the heart he adds to the role.

. . .

I recorded a podcast after this watch and 20 hours from now, my dead poet’s society pod will be out.

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