Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

This movie completely embodies the last 10 years of the Ben Affleck experience.

Having watched this and Se7en relatively close together, I was surprised to find this was the much scarier movie. While Se7en has much more gore, the slow development of the characters and the constant threat of violence felt much more grounded. Also watching these two films close together makes you appreciate how much Fincher has matured as a director. I think people struggle with how cold his direction has gotten over time but it's such a unique style and works so well for these kinds of stories. His directing is as exacting as Amazing Amy's plan.

I've got some stuff I'm not ready to talk about on Letterboxd yet, but this was a really difficult watch for me personally. I'll get into it at some point but the world descending on Affleck's character really freaked me out.

Rosamund Pike owns this movie. After seeing this in theaters I thought I'd see this woman literally everywhere and it's a bummer that that never happened for her. She know when to explode and you're almost more freaked out when she's acting cute because you know something's brewing.

Gilian Flynn is developing a remake of Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train with Fincher, I really hope that comes together. I look forward to returning to the rest of Fincher's filmography throughout the month.

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