Little Miss Sunshine ★★★★★

The absolute best!

This movie is a roller coaster of emotions. At this point, I know exactly what’s happening every time yet I get so excited for every upcoming scene.

There is an element of this movie that is so against the institutions that dictate how good we are which I think I gravitated towards especially as a teenager.

Olive is the cutest kid, she is such a representation of pure joy that you just want to protect her from the world that’s going to shoot her down. Greg Kinnear is a character you start out hating but his scene in the end totally redeems himself.

There’s so many little moments in this film that make it one of my favorites of all time. It’s so charming and true, and every character in the family genuinely loves in their own way.

I recorded a podcast with my friend Lexi after watching this movie, we went off on many tangents but I’ll listen to it in the morning and see if it’s usable. I may edit it and put it out, we’ll see:)

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