Nomadland ★★★★½

I think if I could describe this film in one word it would be HUMBLING.

Movies are often billed as an “untold story of…” but rarely is that actually true. I genuinely can’t say I’ve seen a story portrayed like this on screen. Chloe Zhao weaves an intricate and intimate portrait of Fern, played by Frances McDormand.

I think what impressed me the most about Fern’s character is her pride. She would rather be independent than be relying on the kindness of others. It would be an easy out to make a villain out of someone for making her move or judging her for her situation, yet the characters in this story are mostly extremely well meaning (though occasionally misguided).

The casting of non actors fills out the story and makes it feel full. I love when directors are able to incorporate real people and stories into their works. When done right it creates the indescribable feeling that the world you’re entering feels complete, and that it continues to live on even when you leave it.

I watched this with my girlfriend Paige (WHO JUST GOT A LETTERBOXD) and it literally broke us, we had a good cry after. While I cry fairly often at movies, it is pretty rare for her. I think there is something so horrifying about losing everything you have and holding onto your last few possessions. I had an instance about a year ago where I genuinely thought I was going to lose everything and this film brought up a lot of those feelings.

We are all so very lucky to be alive. The ability to live and experience the world is the greatest gift that each and every one of us has. Don’t let it go to waste.

. . .

I just hit 3,000 followers and I want to thank you all for embracing me in this community. I really didn’t expect to meet such amazing people and make some genuine friends along the way. This has been such a great outlet for me and has inspired me to dig deeper into my passion for film and LAUNCH MY PODCAST! Love you all, truly!!

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