Nomadland ★★★★½

A new episode of Cineflek with Elaina, and Claira is out!!

Frances McDormand rarely does interviews (which is a tragedy unto itself) but she did an interview for TIFF not too long ago where she said one of her favorite comments about her performance came from a critic who said “looking at Frances McDormand’s face is like visiting a national park.” She proceeded to talk about how she loves aging and how her story gets more complex as she ages, and I have to agree that she’s aging magnificently. Not only does she refuse to get any plastic surgery like the rest of Hollywood but she embraces her flaws, which allow her to play characters on screen we don’t often see. Fern feels authentic. Fern doesn’t feel like a movie star dressing down, she feels like she’s living and breathing through Frances.

It’s been a weird Oscars year, but it is still a privilege when Best Picture goes to something as complex and fascinating as this. It shows an unseen side of this country that I hope feels more seen after this. It’s a spectacular achievement.

Hope you enjoy the episode!!

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